On the third Monday of each month, before our monthly meeting, the American Orchid Society (AOS) judges from the Pacific Central Judging Center, Inc., are available to judge your plants for award potential.

Please bring your plants at between 7:00 and 7:30 pm and make sure to remove all identifying tags, as the judging is done anonymously (we have a clerk who will help with this). The judges consider each plant against AOS standards, which have been developed through national and internationally sanctioned competitions. Awards may be given for culture (to the grower) or flower quality. The judges grant various levels of AOS awards to the specimen(s) that receive the highest numerical scores.

After an open discussion of the plant, the judges vote privately using a prearranged numerical score that differs for each genus or hybrid. The judges score the plants in two rounds of secret ballots; this is done to establish close parallel scores and determine the award level.

If the plant scores high enough for an award, the judges will measure the flower dimension, take photographs, and write a description. This information is then entered into the AOS database and used as a potential reference for other judges.

The plant’s measurements, pictures, and the written description are also sent to AOS headquarter. The award is then sent to the owner for payment of an administrative fee to the AOS.

So, take good care of your orchid lovelies! Help them look their best and bring them in for the judges to evaluate. We hope to see lots of OSC member plants every month!