OSC Show and Tell (May 15, 2017)

These are members’ display orchids during our society’s monthly meeting. Barkeria spectabilis Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel Blc Love Sound x Slc Angel’s Fantasy Sophronitis (Cattleya) Wildfire Oncidium croesus and Dracuvalia Blue Boy From your left: Barkeria spectabilis, Appendicula elegans, Cattleya guttata, and Zygostates alleniana Cattleya guttata Pot Love Sound x Slc … Read More

Mother’s Day Show and Sale 2017

These are pictures taken from the OSC’s Mother’s Day Show and Sale 2017 (May 13 and May 14). Best in show Oncidium croesus Fred Shull Award for the best standard Cattleya: Guarianthe skinneri Show plants ~ Posted on May 13, 2017

Cattleya purpurata ‘Rose’

Congratulations to our OSC member, Mimi Rose, for the AOS culture award on her spectacular Cattleya purpurata ‘Rose’, awarded on August 15, 2016. You can read the award description via this link. ~ Posted on Aug 25, 2016 Photo courtesy of Paula Shiu

Mother’s Day Show & Sale 2016

These are pictures taken from the OSCA’s Mother’s Day Show and Sale 2016 (May 07 and May 08). Best in show Cymbidium Rand Taylor (grown by Mimi Rose) Best in show, runner up Dendrobium trantuanii (grown by Marybeth Temples) Other awards Fred Shull Award for the best standard Cattleya: Laelia … Read More

A Tour at The Tiny Jungle

This March, I went for a tour at The Tiny Jungle in Daly City, CA. Below are pictures of many spectacular orchids in bloom. You can reach Chris Mende at The Tiny Jungle at: (415) 307-4742 The Tiny Jungle Facebook Page Paphiopedilum fairrieanum Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum Paphiopedinum dayanum Paphiopedilum liemianum Paphiopedilum … Read More

OSC’s Legacy Display

We thank Paula for putting together a flashy legacy display for our society at the 64th Annual Pacific Orchid Exposition, “A Legacy of Orchids” (Feb 26-28, 2016). The OSC plants received a warm response and plenty of blue ribbons! Thank you to the many OSC members who volunteered! ~ Published … Read More

Greenhouse Tour

We thank Mimi and Carl for the fantastic tour! ~Published online on Mar 08, 2016

Pierre Pujol on Unflasking Cymbidium Seedlings

In flask, plants do not close their pores (stomata) because the humidity is high that they will not dehydrate. The process of “hardening off” allows them to practice opening and closing their pores. This means opening slightly the stopper of the flask for a few days prior to deflasking, allowing … Read More

Fred Clarke on Growing Australian Dendrobiums

Here are some culture tips shared by Fred Clarke when he spoke to us in November 2015 (thanks Fred! These tips apply to growing plants in Southern California, Encinitas is below San Diego): Watering: Water and fertilize in Summer, grow plants dry in Winter through January. Fertilizing: Pure water (not … Read More

Mother’s Day Show & Sale

Below are photos taken during the Orchid Society of California’s Mother’s Day Show event (May 09 and 10, 2015). The Best Plant in Show and The Best of Class- Dendrobium Alliance Dendrobium Stardust ‘Chinsai’ Grower: Musia Stagg Runner-Up, The Best Plant in Show and the Best Specimen Plant Masdevallia Celine … Read More