Waterwise Orchid Keeping

There are hobbies and interests of all sorts. Some have a relatively low environmental impact. Model trains, stamp collecting, knitting, are a few that come to mind… and there are some which have a higher impact. Tropical fish, water gardening, horticulture, and of course orchids. These avocations (or in some … Read More

Top Hat Orchids’s Open Greenhouse Tour

The OSC thanks Heather and Carol for this special event at the Top Hat Orchids.   ~Photos by Paula Shiu Published online on Mar 19, 2015                      

Orchid Reflections by Miriam Rose

Flashback to 1991: There I was, happily growing a variety of outdoor plants at my home in the Oakland hills. At that time, my collection included only a handful of cymbidiums and a few Reed Stem Epidendrums. My love affair with Orchids had not yet fully blossomed. Then, in the … Read More

Paula’s Orchid Journal

Weather this year continues to be strange. A little more springlike than usual, the heavy fog coming in early most nights. Cymbidiums are in active growth, requiring regular water and fertilizer to do their best. Remember Cyms need to store plenty of carbs to insure next seasons blooms. All the … Read More

Aloha from the Big Island!

After almost ten years of orchid growing on the Big Island of Hawaii, still specializing in cattleyas, I’m happy to announce that I’m finally able to showcase my orchids on my own website, orchidartbypauline.com. I have been growing orchids for 30 years, and cattleyas are still my favorites. Some of … Read More