Mother’s Day Show & Sale 2016

These are pictures taken from the OSCA’s Mother’s Day Show and Sale 2016 (May 07 and May 08).

Best in show

Cymbidium Rand Taylor (grown by Mimi Rose)
Cymbidium Rand Taylor

Best in show, runner up

Dendrobium trantuanii (grown by Marybeth Temples)
Dendrobium trantuanii

Other awards

Fred Shull Award for the best standard Cattleya:
Laelia purpurata (grown by David Jackovich)

Cyrus Bowl for the best intergeneric hybrid:
x Wilsonara Kolibri (grown by Musia Stagg)

Frank Fordyce Award for the best mini Cattleya:
Boughtonia sanguinea (grown by Rodney Temples)

Best specimen plant:
Ansellia africana (grown by Terry Boomer)

Best Phalaenopsis:
Phalaenopsis Sweet Memory (grown by Musia Stagg)

Best Paphiopedilum:
Paphiopedilum bellatulum (grown by Rodney Temples)

Best Vanda:
Vanda Cherry Blossom (grown by Carol Klonowsky)

Show plants

Paphiopedilum Greyi

Disa tripetaloides

Dendrobium papillio

Paphiopedilum Robinianum

Wilsonara Kolibri

Phalaenopsis Sweet Memory


Brassia Rex

Coelogyne mooreana

Laelia purpurata

Potinara William Farrell x Cattleya Horace


Paphiopedilum rothschildianum


Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants

Colmanara Wildcat


Ansellia africana


Masdevallia Georgian Franczyk


Cymbidium Sweet Devon

Cymbidium Fifi

Miltoniopsis Bert Field

Paphiopedilum bellatulum

~ Posted on May 07, 2016